God of War is Upsetting Fans After Giving Away Pre-Order Content For Free

So Much For Those Pre-Order Bonuses

God of War has sent some of their fans into a rage as they have started giving away pre-order content for free. Some people who pre-ordered the game more than a year ago feel as though their loyalty was for nothing as the exclusive content that was promised is no longer exclusive. Players can now download all of the pre-order bonuses for free until January 5th.


The pre-order content is only some certain cosmetic changes. But that has not stopped some fans from being upset. God of War has quite a stellar reputation among its fans. To make a blunder like this, even one that is small is definitely out of character for Santa Monica Studios. Regardless of what you might think of pre-order “exclusive” content, God of War is currently going for pennies on the PlayStation Store.

If you have ever wanted to maim and brutalize Norse Mythological figures you should download God of War. There is also apparently a compelling story-driven aspect of the game as well. But let’s be honest, killing and mauling monsters is what everyone is interested in.¬†God of War was able to claim a ton of Game of the Year awards in 2018. So they must have been doing something right.

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