The Silent Tombs Joins Kickstarter

The Silent Tombs Is Getting Kickstarted

Primordial Game Studios is officially bringing its upcoming project to Kickstarter in order to help get it funded and stimulate interest in The Silent Tombs. The game resembles a mix of Skyrim and Firewatch, showing a protagonist with a unique toolset delving into a realistic-looking tomb. The Silent Tombs is an action-roguelike that includes puzzles, platforming, and some psychological horror about uncovering the mysteries of ancient Celtic, Gaelic, and Anglo-Saxon cultures.

“Under a millstone clogged with dirt, grass, and roots, hidden from the world for thousands of years, you find a tomb complex, filled with strange symbols, traps, treasures, and the start of a hidden story,” says a description for the game from Primordial Game Studios. “Using a plethora of innovative gameplay mechanics, and an educational approach to history (involving authentic facts, culture, and an archive of knowledge for players to learn more about UK heritage), The Silent Tombs is much more than a game. It’s a window into a fascinating history many people may not even be aware of.”

The Silent Tombs is a procedurally generated tomb exploration game set in the United Kingdom. Primordial Game Studios founded by Vaughan Holloway is based in Dundee, Scotland and the title fittingly explores the ancient history of the region. Fans that back The Silent Tombs Kickstarter will get a variety of bonuses compared to gamers that purchase it upon release, but currently, Primordial Game Studios is only teasing a book as a reward. The Silent Tombs officially joins Kickstarter on January 4th.

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