World Of Grimm Launches Kickstarter for Folklore CCG

Familiar Fables 

It’s time to begin your journey into a world of fables and myths. Of course, these stories come with a twist, as well as, some fresh ideas. Today, Static City Games is happy to announce the launch of the new Kickstarter for their in-development card-collecting game, World of Grimm. Inviting players to a unique CCG experience, the game aims to deliver a strategic card game and a twist on telling the stories known to the world. Importantly, the Kickstarter blog post includes the important features of the game, as well as, some of the ideals behind the game. Additionally, players can get a look at the game and its art style in the new trailer for the Kickstarter. 

World of Grimm

World of Grimm introduces players to a magical journey full of folklore and mythology. Interestingly, the game delivers classic Brothers Grimm characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel. However, in this story, these characters put their powers to use in a battle against other fables in over 200 different tales. Importantly, each character appears on upgradeable cards each with their own unique strength and abilities. Additionally, playing fast-paced matches allows players to upgrade their cards, changing them as they play. 

Interestingly, World Of Grimm revolves around a gameplay loop of small, 14-card decks, with powerful synergies. Of course, each card comes with customizable backs and art. However, and perhaps one of the biggest draws of the game, is that the game will be completely free according to the Kickstarter blog. Importantly, this means that players will never need to pay for stronger cards. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the fairytale action. 

World of Grimm is currently running its Kickstarter. Those who back the fundraiser can get rewards like a 4-card variant booster pack, a digital artbook, and more.