Limited Run Games Celebrates Huge Sales Milestone

Josh Fairhurst Unveils Limited Run Games Milestone

Founder and owner of Limited Run Games, Josh Fairhurst has officially confirmed that the company is celebrating a huge sales milestone. Limited Run Games has officially sold over 2,500,000 physical copies, showing what a powerhouse this company is simply by releasing limited physical copies of digital titles. Limited Run Games’ recently released physical copies of Panzer Dragoon are available right now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

“Today we crossed 2,500,000 physical games sold over the last five years at Limited Run Games,” said Josh Fairhurst on his official Twitter account. “I can sincerely say that back in 2015/2016, I never thought we’d reach this milestone. Thank you for all of your support over the years!” Considering all of the titles Limited Run Games has released physical copies of since the company began selling them, it’s not too crazy to see how successful they are, but it’s impressive to see such a niche gaming company succeed so much.

Limited Run Games has released dozens of physical copies of some of the best digital titles on the market today such as Panzer Dragoon, Bloodstained: Circle of the Moon 2, and Katana Zero. It’s fairly common to see Devolver Digital titles receive the Limited Run Games treatment, but it’ll be interesting to see what digital titles get big physical releases in the near future. Limited Run Games provides fans of physical copies a way to put their favorite indies on their shelves for all the world to see, not just their online friends.

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