The Top 10 Indie Games to Watch For in 2018

The Top 10 Indie Games Coming in 2018

Indie Games are big business now. Just like Taylor Swift used to be an ‘indie’ artiste, small studios are now consistently pumping out some of the most incredible and polished products on the market – typically for a reasonable price too. Long story short, the unchained creativity of today’s indie studios captures the hearts of gamers like AAA titles rarely can.

2017 included indie heavy hitters like Cuphead, Night in the Woods, Golf Story, and Battle Chef Brigade. Whatcha got up your sleeve, 2018? Think you can hang with one of the best years ever in gaming? (Yeah, I said it. Come at me.) It’s looking promising from some of our early glances. Here are 10 Indie Games to keep an eye on in 2018.



The Last Night

The cyberpunk setting and unbelievably gorgeous pixel art of The Last Night is reason enough to be interested, but it looks like the game is tossing off the shackles of 2D with hyper-cool (cyber, baby!) perspective changes and promises an intensely cinematic story. The vibe is halfway between Blade Runner and The Running Man, with a bunch of Out of this World thrown into the mix. My eyeballs popped right out at the first reveal.



An isometric Zelda-like where Link is a cuddly Fox? Sign us up. Tunic looks absolutely fantastic, and from what we’ve seen the combat system is much more engaging than you might expect. Add in some screen-filling bosses and interesting puzzles and you’ve got a sublimely intriguing product on your hands.


We hadn’t heard much from Fe since its 2016 E3 reveal, but all signs are pointing to this original title releasing in 2018. Looking like a hybrid of Ori and Grow Home, Fe promises a musical and beautiful 3D adventure. Yep, EA is publishing, but developers Zoink! (of Stick It to the Man fame) are decidedly indie. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one.

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