A Ton of Quality Xbox Games Are 80-90% Off, Here’s the Highlights

Don’t Miss this Xbox Sale!

If you’re looking for some inexpensive and memorable games, you’re in luck. Until around May 16th, a bunch of landmark Xbox games are on sale right now. You’re probably thinking “hey, I know how this works. They discount a bunch of bad games super heavily just to get people in the door. And the good ones aren’t nearly this cheap.” Which… yes, some of these games are ones you’ve likely never heard of (Anyone for Deployment? Hard to argue with 50 cents…). But others are actually really good! Like the entire modern XCOM franchise, available for just 10 bucks, if you have Xbox Live Gold.

Do you wanna dig around the Xbox store to find the highlight sales? No? Thought so, that’s why we’ve collected them here. Enjoy!

Dying Light: Definitive Edition at 10$. The Ori Collection at 10$. The Bioshock Collection at 10$. Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Edition at 10$. Far Cry New Dawn: Deluxe Edition at 10$. NBA 2K23 at 9$. Borderlands 3 at 9$. Metro: Exodus at 6$. Worms Rumble: Deluxe Edition at just above 4$. Psychonauts at 2$.

If you need any specific recommendations from that list, then check out our reviews!

Ori and the Blind Forest got a 91 from us, and that collection also comes with Ori and the Will of the Wisps scored even higher – you get both in the collection. Not a single XCOM gave has scored below a 90 for us, and Borderlands 3 got an 86. While we’ve yet to review every game on this list, the lowest I could spot was Watch Dogs Legion’s 75 – which is still pretty strong, all things considered! And now that you have the highlights, you can shop for cheap Xbox games to your heart’s content.