The Top 10 Indie Games to Watch For in 2018

UFO 50

UFO 50 is a collection of 50 (five oh) retro style games from the creators of games like Downwell and Spelunky. RPGs, platformers, puzzle games, all the 80s classics you want are going to be represented in UFO 50. This honestly looks like a completely nuts idea, and I couldn’t be more excited by limited color palettes if I tried.



Basically amounting to Advance Wars and Fire Emblem in a single package, Wargroove looks freakin’ AWESOME. The game is oozing style and looks at least reasonably deep, so watch out for this one in 2018. Bonus points for being on the Switch for war on the go, too.


Listen, I have no idea when Below is coming out. I mean, the latest trailer I could find is over a year old, but I’m holding out hope for Below arriving in 2018. We’ve been dropping our jaws over this damn thing for 3 whole years, and it STILL looks interesting. I want it real bad, and being on this list better help.