Dying Indie Dev Leaves Fans a “Parting Gift”, Removes Games’ Price Tag

Indie Games Waves and Waves 2 are Now Free For All

Hello, I am CJ, I am Squid’s (Rob’s) partner. I have an announcement, and quite honestly it’s one of the hardest announcements I think I will ever have to make. Rob passed away a fortnight ago as a result of complications from cancer after a prolonged and arduous stay in hospital.” These are the opening sentences to a lengthy announcement post made to a Steam Forum for the indie game Waves 2: Notorious. It’s a post of mourning, showcasing the passion Rob had for his work, and aims to fulfill one last wish.

By now you will have noticed that both Waves and Waves 2 are free to play across all platforms. This was something Rob was considering anyway within the past two months as their health entered into more substantial difficulties, so I hope this can be seen as a parting gift to all those out there that haven’t yet played either of these games.

The Waves games are a series of twin-stick shooter titles with strong visuals and optimization. Neither entry saw the sort of high-level success you’d see from a AAA game or high-profile indie title. But given the sequel’s existence, that kind of success was never needed to keep the passion alive. Both games are available on Steam.

So I hope all of you out there, whoever you are and however Rob’s games have reached you, that you can at the very least hold a special place for the Waves games, and that they continue to bring you many more hours of chill, challenge, and possibly even frustration, but most of all I hope that you can continue to feel the passion and love that Rob poured into these games long after the pain of their passing begins to fade.”