Indie Studio Ember Trail Announces New Game: Distant Bloom

Plant Power 

Even on a desolate alien world, nature brings hope. Today Publisher Kinda Brave and Developer Ember Trail are happy to unveil their in development management sim, Distant Bloom. A press release provides more info about the game. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a look at the gameplay and atmosphere of the game. Furthermore Studio CEO at Ember Trail, David Pennelle, shares his thoughts on the what he hopes players will get from the game.


Landing on a desolate and dying alien planet you and your crew have no choice but to save it. Distant Bloom invites players to use the power of plants to restore your new home to a verdant, thriving, world. Importantly, you won’t be alone. As players explore they will reunite their scattered crew across the planet. Of course this will only help you in your mission to nurture and develop new plant life. Players will use tools, new blueprints, and more to further develop their ability to bring life to the world. Of course, the game encourages exploration as players will adventure throughout a planet steeped in mystery. For instance, journey into strange ruins or across vast desolate lands to learn about all that happened here. 

Of course the new trailer for the game introduces players to the art style and gameplay. Players can see the top-down style of gameplay as well as some of the stunning views of your brand new world. 

“We hope that each individual playing Distant Bloom will experience how they by creativity and curiosity can nurture new life, harness the power of plants and restore the environment to build a flourishing community.” Says David Pennelle, Ember Trail CEO. 

Distant Bloom is currently in development. It is currently set to release in 2023 and will be available on Steam