Dewborne Dawn Kickstarter In Full Swing

Welcome to a New Dawn

Crowdfunding campaigns can lead to some brilliant video games. Fundraisers allow gamers to participate in the development of a game that they see potential in. They elevate the “voting with your wallet” concept by allowing players to directly influence the development of game’s they want to see made. Now, a new Metroidvania adventure is in the midst of its own Kickstarter. Today, Mythwalk Studios is giving gamers a reminder that their upcoming  Metroidvania, Dewborne Dawn, has launched its Kickstarter. Releasing in 2025, the game invites players to a vibrant new world dying from a mysterious plague. A trailer, released alongside the Kickstarter gives players a glimpse of the game’s world and protagonist. 

Dewborne Dawn

Dewborne Dawn introduces players to the character of Dew. Dew is a mysterious creature who awakens in a place called the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a safe place in the world of Ephemore which is dying from a mysterious plague. However, Dew brings hope. Awakening with a weapon immune to the plague, player’s will embark on an adventure where they pave the way ahead. Interestingly, the game grants players freedom when traversing the world. Players can destroy walls, use abilities to bypass obstacles, find secret tunnels, open doorways and more. Of course, the game isn’t all exploration. Creatures known as the Spiritblight pose a threat to Dew and the rest of the world. From small easy creatures players can dispatch with their blade to huge deadly bosses.

Of course, players can get a look at the game and its action in the Kickstarter trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Dewborne Dawn’s Kickstarter is currently live. The game will be available for PC via Steam in 2025. So, will you be jumping in on the Kickstarter?