Into the Radius 2 Announces Launch of Steam Page

VR Survival Once More 

Prepare to step into the surreal reality of the Pechorsk Security Zone. Here, things are never what they seem and deadly anomalies are awaiting around every corner. The question remains. Do you have what it takes to survive here? Or will you become another victim of the zone? Today, CM Games is happy to announce that the Steam Page for their upcoming game, Into the Radius 2, is now live. The sequel to 2019’s VR survival game, Into the Radius 2 reintroduces players to the setting of the first game with new and old mechanics abound. Of course, there are also new threats. Players can get a look at some early gameplay from the Steam page.

Into the Radius 2

Into the Radius 2 brings players back to the VR universe of the first game. Playing as explorers, players will enter the Pechorsk Security Zone either alone or with a squad. Of course, both ways of playing offer a vastly different experience. Left alone, players will endure a solitary and haunting experience as they scavenge for weapons, supplies, and information on the strange and surreal realm. Importantly, the second game sees the return of realistic weaponry, a meticulous crafting system, and dangerous locations full of hostile anomalies. 

Of course, players will get a handle on how each weapon works. Interestingly, the weapons allow players to customize them with craftable attachments. These attachments will be necessary to defeat various anomalies throughout the world. Yet, they are far from the only advancements players have at their disposal. Rare artifacts also exist within the Zone. These artifacts allow players to harness strange powers and abilities beyond comprehension. 

Into the Radius 2 is set to release on Oculus Quest and Steam VR in 2025. Currently, players can check out the game’s new Steam page for a glimpse.