Halo Infinite May Be Xbox Series Exclusive

Microsoft May Have Ditched Halo Infinite on Xbox One

According to Halo Infinite UI Art Lead Chad Mirshak’s LinkedIn profile, the new Halo title may be exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S. The profile still mentions the PC version of Halo Infinite, as well as the Xbox Series X/S version, but notably absent is the expected Xbox One version. While the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite might be handled by another studio, it’s possible the current-gen version has been nixed. The rest of the mainline Halo titles are available on Xbox One, PC, and through the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

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According to Chad Mirshak’s LinkedIn profile, he’s been hard at work on Halo Infinite since March 2020, and with the recent delay extending development into 2021, it’s likely he’ll blast past his one-year Infinite anniversary. In total, the page says that Mirshak has spent just over two years with 343 Industries, with many more potentially on the horizon. To nobody’s shock, his profile also mentions that Halo Infinite still has no release date beyond the 2021 window.

Chad Mirshak summarizes his role in developing Halo Infinite as “ship all UI for Halo Infinite, which includes finalizing art direction and realization beats internally and across multiple co-devs, revisiting workflow efficiencies, providing team mentorship, and working with game design and UX to ensure a cohesive, AAA game experience.” Although Halo Infinite is being outsourced to several external teams, it’s possible that Microsoft has canceled the development of the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite considering the complete lack of mention on Chad Mirshak’s LinkedIn profile.

Do you hope Microsoft is only working on Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X/S or are you still hoping for an Xbox One version? Let us know in the comments below!