Shady Part of Me Did So Well They Made a New Trailer

Step By Step, We Will Rise… Together

Shady Part of Me is one of many games that made its world premiere during The Game Awards 2020, but unlike most of its fellows, it was released as soon as it was announced. This dreamlike adventure-puzzle game was so well-received that Focus Home Interactive and Douze-Dixièmes made a brand new accolades trailer to thank everyone. As you probably guessed, we liked this game, so we’re happy to see more of it. The new video shows off both Hannah Murray’s excellent voice acting and the gorgeous, watercolor-esque graphics. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s definitely worth a look just for the aesthetics.

The press release describes Shady Part of Me as “an emotional and poetic fable with a unique artistic direction. Throughout your adventure, alternate at any time between a little girl and her shadow in an elegant mix of 3D and 2D. The duo will have to learn to cooperate in order to progress through a dreamlike world. Don’t fear failure, face any situation thanks to the ability to go back in time at will.”

Teaming up with your shadow in order to explore a surreal world and solve puzzles in both 2D and 3D gameplay? Sounds like a good time to us. But that’s not all the game has to offer. Features include:

  • Play with light and shadows, switching between 2D and 3D gameplay at will
  • Your ability to rewind time will help you get you through all situations
  • Explore surreal environments envisioned in a unique watercolor style
  • Solve contemplative puzzles to break the dream
  • Experience an introspective narrative journey like no other

If that sounds like fun, then we recommend pouncing on the game sooner rather than later–to celebrate its warm welcome, Shady Part of Me will be 10 percent off until December 24th. So go on, treat the puzzle gamer in your life!

Shady Part of Me is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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