Forbes’ Number 1 Indie Game of the Year is HyperParasite

Everybody Loves to Be the Bad Guy

Forbes has announced their favorite indie game of the year, and all things considered, we probably should’ve expected this. Everybody loves a good evil campaign, and it doesn’t get much more evil than trying to wipe out the human race. HyperParasite puts you in the shoes–er, tentacles–of the titular body-snatching parasite, an evil alien with a chip on its shoulder, and tasks you with fighting your way through a grime-crusted eighties-flavored dystopia. Your goal: to navigate the dangerous, procedurally generated streets, find the president, and body-snatch him so you can push the Big Red Button and destroy humanity. You’ll be accompanied by deceptively colorful retro graphics, a thumping bass-heavy soundtrack from Van Reeves and Joe Kataldo, and over sixty different characters to fight, body-jack, and control.

HyperParasite managed to slip under the radar of many gaming news outlets–including our own, we’re ashamed to admit–but a good game will eventually attract attention, and this clever shooter which combines strategy with all-out action is definitely a good time. Its polished presentation, genuine challenge, and slick mechanics mark this title as an indie game to watch out for. Coincidentally, the Steam version is on sale right now for just over $6 CDN. Is this a sign? Matt Gardner, Senior Contributor to Forbes, would probably say so, given what else he has to say about the game: “Not only would I say HyperParasite is the best indie game of 2020, I’d go so far as to name it my favorite game of the year outright.”

That’s some high praise, especially for a goofy roguelite shooter-brawler drenched in eighties aesthetic. For their part, Troglobytes Games has been fine-tuning the game based on player feedback and promises to have a physical Nintendo Switch version available by February.

HyperParasite is available for PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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