Astronaut Assault Is Coming Out on Steam This Fall

Defend Your Base and Yourself in Astronaut Assault

The solo indie game developer DalyForge Games has announced that it is planning to release its debut title Astronaut Assault on Steam in the Fall of 2024. The game will also be participating in TorontoXP, Steam TowerDefense Fest in June, PlayNYC in August, and SteamNext Fest in October. Take a look at the official trailer below to get a glimpse of it.

Astronaut Assault is a third-person sci-fi tower defense game where players must survive waves of dangerous enemies in various environments. You will step inside the shoes of a lone astronaut and defend your base and yourself from invasion as they race toward you. Build and upgrade as many towers as possible to take care of the threat.

The important thing is that you won’t get weapons to take down these enemies. Instead, you will be relying on your turrets, traps, and items to damage, stun, and evade enemies. Outmaneuver them to survive the horde. It is designed to invoke a sense of urgency, action, anxiety, and downright thrills as each wave becomes increasingly difficult to survive.

Key features:

– Tower Defense Combat Mechanics: The player has no weapon. Instead, build turrets around the arena to defeat the incoming waves of enemies.

– Turret Variety: Each level uses unique turrets that fit the theme of the environment and have unique abilities.

– Place Traps and Use Items: Scour the arena for traps and items to pick up and use against your enemies.

– Boss Fights: Encounter unique, RPG-style bosses and take them down to achieve victory.

– Cooperative Multiplayer: There is a unique map created for multiplayer. You can team up with friends and confront endless waves of enemies.