Sumorbit Has Started Wrestling on Steam Early Access

Join the Fight in Sumorbit

The indie game developer Jett Williams is proud to announce the release of Sumorbit on Steam Early Access today. It is a physics-based fighting game where planets engage in sumo wrestle. Go grab your moon, control, and bounce with your planet, and push your opponents out of the solar system.

Additionally, there is a demo version on the platform as well for everyone to try out. Dive right into it and get a first-hand experience of the game.


In Sumorbit, you will control a celestial object and engage in sumo wrestling on a variety of maps with hazards like black holes and wormholes. You can select from 8 of your favorite planets, and modify 8 stat values including speed, range, grip, and more.

The game is easy to pick up for casual gamers and also has depth for competitive level as well. You can select from 8 of your favourite planets It features seven game modes. This includes Local multiplayer (up to 8 players), Single-player campaign (work in progress), Online multiplayer (with Steam Remote Play Together, there can be some delay), Team battles, Single-player vs AI, and Tutorials & practice.

In the single-player campaign, you must complete a variety of missions from planets gaining sentience to the end of the universe. Here are the key highlights of the missions:

– Sumo: Combat with other planets for survival.
– Cargo: Solve puzzles to deliver cargo between planets.
– Cleanup: Destroy all asteroids on the map and use movement to beat goal times.
– Safezone: Survive and save allies from hazards.

Check out the early access release trailer below.