Randy & Manilla Is Now Available on Steam Early Access

Adventure Awaits in Randy & Manilla

The one-man independent video game development studio Ofihombre has released Randy & Manilla on Steam Early Access. It is also available on itch.io. Unfortunately, it wasn’t released on GOG due to a lack of response or agreement from the store administrators.

This Early Access version comes with over 30 levels distributed across 7 distinct Net-Cubes. It features 9 different mechanic types such as 3D Platformer and Arcade, along with 6 challenging boss battles. There is also a soundtrack consisting of over 70 original compositions.

Randy & Manilla

In Randy & Manilla, you will immerse yourself in a quantum cyber-universe filled with Net-Cubes in the year 2142. Each contains different virtual worlds filled with various games of different genres. It takes huge inspiration from movies like Wreck-It Ralph and Ready Player One.

This realm is devoid of all the external threats. However, the wicked Cracksom Virus wants to corrupt and expand his empire to the real world. Randy and Manilla, after receiving a critical alert signal from the messaging algorithm E-Mailer, embark on a quest to safeguard the cyber-universe from getting destroyed.

Key features:

– Multi-genre game containing gameplay styles of all kinds: 2D/3D Platformer, RPG, FPS, Racing, Puzzle…
– Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s homage to the universe of video games.
– Play as Randy or Manilla as you travel through the cyber-universe with plenty of colorful Net-Cubes
– The developer will complete the project by 2025.