Necromantic Unveiled Its Steam Early Access Release Date

Join the Action in Necromantic

Blinkmoon Games has finally unveiled the Steam Early Access release date for their upcoming title, Necromantic. The game is coming out on the platform on 22 May 2024. So, get ready to become a fresher at Valorborn Academy and prove yourself to become the coolest kid in school.


Necromantic is a survivors-like bullet heaven top-down shooter. You play as a new student at Valorborn Academy of Adventurers and try to become the coolest fresher in the school. Well, you will be wrong if you think this is a normal place as the curriculum includes dodging death, flirting with disaster, and impressing your charming classmates.

You will have to pursue your academic aspirations during the day and fight hordes of enemies at night. Keep up with your grades, learn more about your classmates, and impress the upperclassmen or your crush. While refining your weapon skills and abilities, completing assignments, and upgrading your standing in the Hall of Records. The game features more than 40 weapons and abilities that all come from various classes.

Key features:

– Dive Into a Bullet Heaven Battleground:┬áMaster the art of survival against overwhelming odds in a beautifully dark world.

– Brave the Dangers and Grow in Infamy:┬áBegin as a new student at Valorborn Academy, mastering the curriculum to become a powerful force against the hordes plaguing Kathedril

– Embrace Cooperation or Solo Prowess:┬áComplete Assignments on your own, with a friend or be matched up with another player via Blind

– Hit the Books, Hit Them Hard: Achieve greatness by completing school assignments, unlocking powerful weapons, abilities, and new areas of Kathedril to explore.