Casino Simulator Will Open Its Door on Steam Early Access This Week

Start Gambling in the Casino Simulator

Get ready to build your own gambling paradise from scratch! The indie game studio Ludos Games has announced the Steam Early Access release date for its upcoming title, Casino Simulator. It will be coming out on 15 May 2024 on the platform. Check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of it.

A small and modest casino lies in the shadow of the bustling city and it is your only way to become rich. Start as a miserable with nothing but greed and turn this humble place into a thriving empire. Every decision that you make can become lucky or drag you to madness.

Prepare to expand your casino from scratch, hire new employess, customize the place, and most importantly, gamble. Go ahead and step into a world where your entrepreneurial spirit is the key to rising from zero to hero.

Key features:

– Employees: Handling everything can be challenging, hire employees to ease your workload.

– Area Expansion: A wide area is crucial for becoming wealthy. Expand your space by placing more gambling tables, slot machines, and decorations.

– Decorations: Attract more attention by changing the appearance of the place.

– Food and alcohol system: There’s nothing better than a full, drunk customer. Provide free food and alcohol service, this will increase customer satisfaction.

– Slots and Other Gambling Games: Who doesn’t want to make money easily? Have fun and earn money by playing 4 types of gambling games.

– Tablet System: You can manage your entire casino via your tablet.

– Payment System: It is important to pay bills and salaries on time. Pay your employees’ salaries, taxes and electricity bills.