DROSS Is Participating in the Endless Replayability Fest

Start Shooting in DROSS

The indie video game developer Team Derelict has announced that DROSS is joining the Endless Replayability Fest on Steam. The team is also releasing an update to go alongside it. You can check it out on the platform right now and enjoy the thrill of shooting down alien bugs. Moreover, the game is coming out sometime in Q2 of 2024, so, stay tuned for further updates.


DROSS is a first-person action shooter with roguelike elements that takes place in a derelict facility infested with alien bugs. After crash landing on a barren land, you wake up suddenly and find yourself amidst wicked wind and storm. In a nearby distance, there is a lone outpost that is barely visible.

As your oxygen quantity is low, you crawl slowly toward the open entrance and head to a ramp that leads to an underground facility. However, after entering the place, you realize that the facility is already filled with alien bugs called Dross.

Explore this procedurally generated world, acquire formidable weaponry and gear, and enhance your equipment to endure the challenges ahead. Engage in combat against the aliens, eradicate the spreading infestation, and unravel the enigmatic mysteries concealed within this installation.

Key features:

– Immersive combat: Sneak around your enemies or fight head-on and aggressively utilizing heavy weapons and explosives.

– Deep customization: Upgrade your suit, weapons, and tools to help you fight the way you want.

– Procedurally generated levels: Uncovers new paths and secrets in every run.

– Explore an expansive facility: Unravel the secret of the facility and how it got infested.