Capybara: The Story of Sisyphus Will Start the Adventure on Steam in May

Make Sure You Don’t Fall in Capybara: The Story of Sisyphus

Developer Underdogs and publisher LostVolBytes are proud to announce the release date of Capybara: The Story of Sisyphus. The game will be coming out on Steam on 14 May 2024. It is a casual 3D adventure game with a hilarious plot that you have seen before. Check out the official release date trailer below.

Capybara: The story of Sisyphus

Capybara: The Story of Sisyphus follows the story of a very lazy Capybara. He desperately wants to take a bath at the top of the mountain in his barrel. However, to do this, he must climb all the way up using a rope with a barrel to balance. You have to help him in his adventure of a lifetime (or in this case, a bath) and make his dream come true.

Help him balance on the slopes, and pass through different eras to reach the goal. Utilize all your skills and experience for the lovely capybara who never gives up. The game features several locations such as:

– Walk through ancient architecture!
– See medieval houses and walk through narrow streets!
– Wild West: Walk through a small base and out into the mines!
– The City: Stroll down an anime-inspired street!
– Climb a mountain and take a bath!
– If you suddenly fall off the mountain, there’s a small chance you’ll end up on the roof of a steampunk building!