Pringles May Have Leaked the Cost of Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X May Be $599 at Launch

Some South African influencers have been sent insider knowledge from Pringles about Xbox, including an offer to win an Xbox Series X console and Game Pass subscription. Pringles will apparently be giving away 46 consoles in total and they mention a total value of $37,000. Eagle-eyed fans who are good at math quickly broke it down to equal around $599 per console, potentially revealing the launch cost of the Xbox Series X. Game Pass Ultimate will be bringing the extensive lineup of games including on the Xbox Game Pass to the Xbox Series X in addition to the separate PC lineup.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“Looks like Pringles, of all brands, broke the Xbox Series X price for South Africa,” said Twitter user CaV1E in breaking down the cost of Pringles’ giveaway. “If my maths checks out, this puts the XSX at around R13,5K locally? Unsure if that’s excluding tax.” Considering Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the cost of the Xbox Series X, this leak may confirm the price, or it may just be a placeholder price set by the company for others such as Pringle’s to offer great value giveaways.

According to the math, the Xbox Series X will cost R13,500 in South Africa, which is around $800. Thie price point is unlikely for the western market as gaming prices in the UK and the US have been seeing parity in the past few years. After relevant adjustments, most people seem to be looking at $599 as the cost of the Xbox Series X when it launches in the west. Because the leak could be a placeholder price, it’s still anyone’s guess how much the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be when they release until Microsoft and Sony confirm the cost.

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