Gotham Knight’s Has Five Unique Neighborhoods

Gotham Knight’s Brings Living Citizenry to Five Neighborhoods

During a recent PlayStation Blog post, WB Games Montreal gave some details about their upcoming Batman title, Gotham Knight’s. In it, gamers will be exploring five distinct neighborhoods with living citizenry that follows a set schedule. During the day, for example, the citizens of Gotham may be backed up in traffic or cluttering sidewalks on important intersections. Gotham Knight’s will include lots of familiar Batman landmarks for fans of the comics and movies to discover. Gotham Knights is releasing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.

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“One of the biggest characters in the Bat universe, quite literally, is Gotham itself. Working with DC, WB Montreal’s open-world, five borough-strong vision curates its inspirations, its interpretation, from versions seen across comics, movies, TV shows,” said WB Montreal. “’There are places and locations that are iconic, that have history.’ It’s also one that supports multiple elements that boil together to create a vivid, ever-thriving ecosystem. A living citizenry who travel to work or the local grocery store, who add to traffic congestion or run home from the train station. Multiple criminal factions.”

“The GCPD. And, of course, Batman’s rogues gallery, who as much as the Knights, are having to reinvent themselves in the wake of their nemesis’ death,” continued the recent PlayStation Blog post from WB Montreal. “Redding is excited for players to see what results. ‘It’s going to serve up a ton of variety, a ton of complexity that you can keep evolving, modifying, and adding to as the player advances through the story.’ The Knights will explore this world by grapple or Batcycle, battling baddies and gradually finding evidence, major clues that point to the larger storyline, the next chapter of the larger mystery. And they’ll uncover a new threat that has its roots in the very foundations of Gotham’s history: the Court of Owls.”

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