Gotham Knights Story Won’t be Based on Any Comics

A Brand New Story

With Gotham Knights getting deep into development, we are getting some more juicy details coming out. Recently, the senior producer of Gotham Knights, Fleur Marty, let people know that the game’s story will be original and won’t be based on any comic issues.

Gotham Knights Trailer

Marty did provide some reassurance to the comic fans though, and the story won’t be some type of reimagining of these beloved characters and will remain loyal to the source material. They are simply “connecting them in an original way.”

The game will be focused around the Batman Family, something that Marty says hasn’t been properly explored in gaming yet. “We drew on the idea of the Batman Family, really as a core element of that. It’s how the Batman Family has evolved in this kind of very divergent cast of characters, who each have their own unique spin on the crime-fighting vigilante.

It looks like if this game turns out well, there would be a lot to look forward to for hardcore and casual fans of batman. The game is planned for release in early 2021.