Batman: Arkham Trilogy Faces Performance Challenges on Nintendo Switch

Mixed Reactions Surface as Players Evaluate the Batman Arkham Trilogy’s Gameplay Experience

In the aftermath of a seven-week delay aimed at optimizing the gaming experience on Nintendo Switch, the much-anticipated Batman: Arkham Trilogy made its debut on December 1, courtesy of Turn Me Up Games. The trilogy, featuring Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight bundled with all previously released DLC, was met with a mix of cautious optimism and concern, particularly in light of performance issues highlighted by various sources.

While early comparison videos showcased the game’s attempts to achieve a target frame rate of 30 frames per second, especially struggling during gliding sequences, the overall player reaction was tentative acceptance, acknowledging the inherent limitations of the Nintendo Switch compared to more robust consoles. That being said, the Nintendo Switch’s obvious and predictable limitations were the least of some players’ concerns, since performance issues had to do with more than whatever system the game is being played on.

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However, Digital Foundry’s Oliver Mackenzie shed light on substantial performance challenges in Arkham Knight, emphasizing the struggle to maintain a consistent frame rate, frequently dropping to 20-25 fps during gliding and experiencing even more significant issues during Batmobile sections. Mackenzie described the game as “legitimately quite challenging to play” due to constant stuttering, speculating that the streaming systems might be a root cause.

The assessment extended to the other two titles in the trilogy, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, both displaying noticeable framerate dips. Mackenzie expressed bewilderment at the subpar performance of Arkham Asylum, considering its 2009 vintage and predominantly indoor settings.

In his concluding remarks, Mackenzie labeled the Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch as a failure, stating that none of the games met expectations, with Arkham Knight described as “atrocious” due to its challenging playability. The overall sentiment among players remains mixed, emphasizing the complex task of adapting these iconic games to the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.