Mysterious Gotham Knights Update is Gigabytes Larger Than it Should Be

Gotham Knights Needs to Lose some Weight 

The most recent Gotham Knights update itself seems, on its face, relatively small. The full patch notes are here. It’s not much – just 10 general tweaks and 4 additions to help stability.

It’s also 9GB in size.

While reduced bugginess is appreciated, and crash fixes are a godsend, the size leaves something to be desired. To say the least. For reference: Halo Infinite’s Winter Update just dropped today – the download size was around 8GB. And that contained a new micro battle pass (with new cosmetics), an overhaul to player progression, and the entirety of “Forge” mode. That last option is no small feat – that mode alone is easily the most extensive it’s been in series history. It offers AI bots, scripting tools, terrain sculpting, and an onslaught of models and textures to customize them with. Plus the tools necessary to use it all. All for 8GB.

Gotham Knights’ update is a whole gigabyte larger than that. If this is what a “small update” looks like for the game, just wait and see what happens when the bigger updates come through the pipeline.

As of writing, no explanation has been offered for why the update is so big. Don’t be surprised if we never see one, either – in the grand scheme is this a small detail. But it’s a canary in a coal mine. If issues like this start to scale upwards, we’ll know where they started.

What do you think? What could have been in this update to make it so large? Did they not reveal all the changes it made? Were these “small fixes” actually larger scaled than intuition would have you believe? We’d love to see your insight in the comments down below!