New Gotham Knights Raid The Kelvin Incident Is Now Available

Knight Raid

A new update for Gotham Knights was pushed live today. If you are a console player still hoping for a 60 fps update, keep waiting. It’s not here. If that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the game, more power to you. There is a new Heroic Assault for you to play.

Yesterday, a teaser image was released for The Kelvin Incident. Today, the new raid was released. It is an enhanced Heroic Assault, which includes a new tier of gear, stronger enemies, and new unlocks. Like the first Heroic Assault and the base game, this can be played by up to 4 players.

Gotham Knights

The Kelvin Incident is a 15-floor raid. When you play it, you will encounter stronger enemies, which can drop Mythic gear. Mythic gear will only drop in this raid, so get to grinding. A new suit transmog and four new Batcycle transmogs can be unlocked. To play The Kelvin Incident, you either need to access it through New Game Plus or by advancing the Gotham Knights campaign until you unlock the raid area.

This update also adds controller mapping and a text-to-speech function. Text-to-speech currently only works on the English language. For the PC version, the update also adds general fixes, and UI and stability improvements.

Gotham Knights is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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