Dead Cells Trims Up with the Clean Cut Update

Looking Sharp

The genre defining roguelike metroidvania is back. It hasn’t been that long since its mashup with Castlevania and it’s time for another update. That’s right, today  Motion Twin is happy to announce the newest free update for their metroidvania roguelike, Dead Cells. The updates, titled the Clean Cut Update, is introducing a whole host of new content the focuses around the NPC character the Stylist. A press release provides details on the update and game itself. 

Dead Cells

The Clean Cut update is bringing a whole new sense of style to the Beheaded hero of Dead Cells. The update centers around the Beheaded’s stylist and his newly revealed daughter. Importantly, the stylists’ daughter has a great love for hair, meaning that the hairline challenged hero will have access to hairstyles now. Additionally, players will have access to two brand new weapons from the stylists arsenal: the sewing scissors and giant comb. The sewing scissors scale off of survival and will instant kill enemies if just one falls to its standard damage. The comb on the other hand is a brutality weapon that does bonus damage to enemies off the ground. 

Despite all of the new weapons, hairstyle, and cosmetics, there is even more coming with the update. Players can now look forward to a new Speedrun Mode, as well as updates to the Boss Rush mode. For instance, players can expect to find the three new bosses from the Return to Castlevania DLC are now a part of the mode. 

The Dead Cells: Clean Cut update is out now. Dead Cells is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch.