Microsoft Continues to Tease Xbox Series S

Microsoft Hints at Xbox Series X in New Merchandise

Many people are seeing new packaging from Microsoft including reference not only to the Xbox Series X, but also a mysterious console known as the Xbox Series S. So far, the Series S is rumored to be a less powerful model of the upcoming successor to the Xbox One. During early development of the Xbox Series X, the rumored name for the less powerful version of the console was the Xbox Lockhart, while the Xbox Series X was known as Scarlett. Game Pass Ultimate will be joining the Xbox Series X and Series S when they eventually release, bringing the already extensive lineup to the next-gen consoles.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“I got a new controller for my Xbox since mine was broken,” said Twitter user Braviary Brendan when spotting an advertisement for the Xbox Series S. “Interestingly enough, the Game Pass Ultimate trial code sheet mentions the unannounced Xbox Series S. It’s definitely a thing.” While new controllers may be including reference to an Xbox Series S, Microsoft has only confirmed the Xbox Series X as their upcoming next-generation console.

Braviary Brendan isn’t the first eagle-eyed Xbox fan to notice Microsoft marketing name dropping the official title of Xbox Lockhart. Both the Series X and Series S have been in production and development for a while now, but it’s likely that Microsoft will confirm the existence of the Xbox Series S soon enough. Considering all of the marketing that’s already out there confirming the existence of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox fans can expect to choose between two new models when the next-gen console releases later this year.

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