Minecraft Live Announced to Replace MineCon 2020

Crafting Up a Show

Minecraft fans have an in-person live event every year called MineCon. Every year, YouTubers and little kids would gather in a select city, breaking the age old rule of not meeting strangers from the internet. Those days seem so strange distant in the age of COVID-19. Big events like that are bound to return someday, but just not right now. Most of these types of events and conventions have moved to digital platforms however. This year, there was supposed to be the debut of Minecraft Festival, but due to the pandemic, it has been cancelled. Minecraft Live, which made its inaugural launch last year, will be shouldering the entire convention online.

Minecraft Live

Like any big convention, Minecraft Live has a trailer. It shows a Baby Zombie chasing a chicken through a fantastical Minecraft show of choreographed moves from other mobs, through block messages about the upcoming show. In the animated trailer, we see many elements particularly from Minecraft Dungeons, such as the exclusive mobs and the living keys. It teases upcoming updates, likely for both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, as well as the big vote on which mob will be added to the game next.

Minecraft Festival is being planned for next year for a return to an in-person convention, but for now we will have to make due with online broadcasts. Minecraft Live 2020 will take place on October 3rd.

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