Minecraft Sold Over 300 Million Copies as 15th Anniversary Approaches

Minecraft Remains at the Top of Its Game

There is no denying that Minecraft is one of the most successful and best-selling games of all time. It has become a pop culture sensation, recognized even by those who are typically averse to technology. Nevertheless, more than two years have passed since Mojang Studios last disclosed the total number of copies. Today, that long-anticipated revelation of the number of sales since the game’s debut in May 2009 is finally here.


At this year’s Minecraft Live event, Mojang Studios made a significant announcement. The game has recently surpassed the remarkable milestone of 300 million copies sold. This colossal number of games in the hands of players worldwide solidifies its standing as the top-selling video game. This remarkable achievement coincides with Mojang Studios’ preparations for celebrating its 15th anniversary in May 2024.

“As we approach the 15th anniversary, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games of all time, with over 300 million copies sold, a milestone no one could have dreamed of when we were all placing our first blocks,” said Helen Chiang, head of Mojang Studios. “Our incredible community has built Minecraft into what it is today and what it will become in the future. We can’t wait to share new Minecraft content and experiences in the years ahead.”

As a point of reference, in April 2021, Mojang Studios disclosed that the game had surpassed 238 million copies sold. And they later unveiled additional franchise statistics that year.