Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Just as Great on Xbox

Microsft Simulates the Best Flights on Both PC and Xbox

According to the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, the Xbox One version of the game will be just as great as the PC version. The Xbox One version will enjoy the same experience with a gamepad as fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator have enjoyed with mouse and keyboard on PC since it released last month. Neumann claimed that the Xbox One version might feel even better than the PC version, but didn’t mention what specifically would improve the quality of the great flight simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC right now and will release on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass soon.

“We are very confident that the simulator will be just as amazing on Xbox as it is on PC. Some things might even be better,” said Jorg Neumann. “Regarding the controller, our intent is to deliver a great experience using any controls you already have, so you can enjoy the experience with a gamepad as well as a mouse and keyboard. We’ll have more to share with you about the Xbox version of the simulator closer to launch.” The Xbox One version of the flight simulator may be better in some regards according to Neumann, but he didn’t clarify what specifically would be improved.

While mouse and keyboard players may enjoy the best experience outside people with flight simulation setups due to the number of keybindings available, Jorg Neumann apparently is working to make the gamepad just as satisfying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on. There’s no confirmed release date as of now for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox One port, but it’s likely coming along well with the bold statements from Neumann, potentially hinting at a late 2020 release.

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