The Graphics in Microsoft’s New Flight Simulator Are Putting Everyone Else to Shame

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Flight simulator games have been around since the very beginning. They have always had enough appeal to airplane enthusiasts to remain relevant. However, they had notoriously poor graphics and most of the time you had no idea what city you were flying over aside from looking at certain geographical characteristics. But now that has all changed thanks to Microsofts new Flight Simulator. This take on the niche genre has such stunning visuals it has managed to catch the interest of people who know nothing about airplanes.

Flight Simulator

The footage we have seen is in pre-alpha, but that still doesn’t mean it is not impressive. A short video was released that showcases some of the more photogenic areas of the world like Italy and Greece. To put it mildly, the graphics are breathtaking and a huge improvement over anything that has come before it. If things stay the way they are throughout the game’s development, then it could easily be the best-looking video game to date.

The new Flight Simulator game was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 conference. It has been said this game will drop sometime in 2020, but an exact release date is still yet to be known. Aside from the gorgeous graphics Flight Simulator is going to feature more of the same features that fans love. Hundreds of highly detailed aircraft, as well as dynamic weather, will be present. For instance, if you fly out of new New York it could be sunny when you leave and raining and overcast when you return.

If you are interested in flying or just want to try something new then Flight Simulator should be on your radar. It isn’t the most action-packed game ever made, but it sure is relaxing.