Epic Games Offering $10 to Rocket League Players

Rocket League Players on Epic Games Store Get $10

Epic Games is offering Rocket League gamers $10 to play the game through the Epic Games Store. Rocket League recently went free to play and Epic Games is offering a $10 coupon for people to try it out through their platform. This coupon can be picked up any time between now and October 23rd, allowing gamers to enjoy the new Llama-Rama event while trying the game for free on PC. The coupon will expire on November 1st, ensuring that the credit is spent within the month of October. Rocket League is officially free-to-play for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC right now.

rocket league

The Epic Games Store is currently only available through the PC, so only gamers on that platform will be able to get the $10 coupon on offer for playing Rocket League. Rocket League has been available through the Steam client in the past, so this $10 coupon may be a way that Epic Games is trying to get that community to shift over their way. Since being acquired by Epic Games, Psyonix has de-listed Rocket League from Steam, but gamers who were already playing it there still can, but they may want to consider trying it on the Epic Games Store for this $10 coupon.

The Epic Games Store is known for securing great exclusives, and offering big titles for free, but they’re also known for offering deals to their community. Not only have price drops been an important aspect of the Epic Games Store, but coupons such as this $10 Rocket League one have allowed Epic Games Store users to find extra savings. Season 1 of Rocket League free-to-play changed several aspects of the game, primarily the UI and player levels, while unlocking access to soccar for gamers on most platforms.

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