Game Dev Tycoon Coming to Nintendo Switch

Greenheart Games Bringing Game Dev Tycoon to Switch

Greenheart Games’ popular mobile and PC title Game Dev Tycoon is making its way to the Nintendo Switch in October. Just as the name suggests, Game Dev Tycoon is a management sim that involves starting your own gaming development studio. The game begins in the 1980s as you plug away in your basement and as time moves along, new consoles release which are parodies of real-life consoles we’re all familiar with. Game Dev Tycoon launches on Nintendo Switch on October 8th, but it’s available right now for iOS, Android, and PC.

Game Dev Tycoon involves several management sim elements such as managing your development team, selecting which type of games to focus on, managing funds, building your own engine and marketing your games. If you choose one of the harder difficulty options, fighting against piracy is also one of the challenges you’ll be facing with Game Dev Tycoon. The Nintendo Switch version of Game Dev Tycoon supports cross-save for anyone who’s played the game on mobile or PC, allowing them to pick up where they left off.

Gamers will grow their gaming development studio from an in-home setup to a full-sized development team as they progress through Game Dev Tycoon. There are various stats to consider as you progress in Game Dev Tycoon such as engine, gameplay, story/quests, dialogues, level design, artificial intelligence, world design, graphics, and sound. Succeeding in each department will reward experience and get you closer to your goal of becoming a well-known gaming developer in the world of Game Dev Tycoon.

Will you be getting Game Dev Tycoon for the Nintendo Switch or are you already playing it on mobile or PC? Let us know in the comments below!