‘Weedcraft Inc.’ Is a Marijuana Tycoon Game Coming to PC

It’s a Game of Budding Opportunities

With the legalization of smokable herb in multiple US states, it was only a matter of time before our industry seized on the business. I’m talking about Weedcraft Inc., a new tycoon game from Devolver Digital (of course) and Vile Monarch.

While it may seem like a gag on the surface level, Weedcraft Inc. promises to delve deep into the pot business. It’s a budding industry—pun intended, offensive given—and players will be exposed to the politics of the plant throughout the game. You start out as a humble storefront, presumably, and work your way to the top. Grow, cross-breed, and deliver new strains as you please. Politics and competition are part of the growing pains, but the purpose of growing green is to alleviate the stress.

“Would-be Mary Jane moguls will need to prioritize resources carefully as they manage the production and distribution of their weed,” said a press release. “Cultivate killer plants, cross-breed them to create unique strains of the devil’s lettuce, hire and manage a growing staff, and be prepared to take on the competition. As in real life, the business of bud presents plenty of opportunity along with a plethora of problems. Decide when and where to take on extra risk to maximize profit, but be careful, the cops and politicians are all working their own angles.

“An important, controversial topic presented in an insightful and detailed manner, Weedcraft Inc presents a challenge to those would rule the reefer offering a series of diverse scenarios and unique characters to work with (or around) as your budding empire grows. Whether you choose to hobnob with politicians, pay off the po-po, fight for medical marijuana rights or work the legal system, it’s all in the name of the sticky icky and your cutthroat corporate profits.”

Personally, I’m fascinated to see how far developer Vile Monarch will take this tycoon experience. I doubt you have to be a stoner to appreciate the design and attention to detail. But what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Weedcraft Inc. is coming to PC in 2019. Bookmark us to stay updated on additional details, such as a concrete release date.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release