Fan Remade the Original Rayman in Its Entirety

The original Rayman Has Been Rebuilt by a Fan

The original Rayman has been rebuilt in its entirety by a dedicated fan known as Ryemanni. The title originally released for the Atari Jaguar in 1995 and was ported to DOS in 1996, but Ryemanni’s had brought it to GameJolt. The latest re-imagining of the original Rayman is known as Rayman Redemption and it includes new worlds, levels, minigames and stuff to collect and complete. Gamers can try Rayman Redemption for free on PC, but the original platformer it’s based on is also available for iOS, Android and PC right now.

Rayman hasn’t had a proper re-release in years now and it’s nice to see Ryemanni put a new twist on things with Rayman Redemption. The project was built for Windows 10 and it utilizes the Game Maker Studio 2 engine. The fan project hasn’t received any praise or scolding from Ubisoft as of now so fans of Rayman are encouraged to check it out in case it gets taken down by the owners of the Rayman license. Both Xinput and DualShock 4 are supported so Rayman Redemption provides a bit of variety for gamers to play the re-imagining of the original Rayman.

Currently Ryemanni has no plans to port Rayman Redemption beyond the PC platform and beyond Windows, Mac and Linux fans may end up with a version that’s compatible for their platforms down the road. Rayman Redemption is still being improved and fixed through updates on Windows PC and it seems like Ryemanni is more focused on perfecting the PC version than moving the game to Linux and Mac. While we’re impressed by what Ryemanni has created with Rayman Redemption, we hope to see an official remake of the original one day as well.

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