Earn Triple XP This Week in Red Dead Online

Rockstar Offering Triple XP in Red Dead Online

Rockstar is offering triple XP for A Land of Opportunities Missions completed in Red Dead Redemption Online this week. In addition to the triple XP this week, gamers can get free haircuts, dentistry and makeup through Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Ability Cards will be 50% off this week and boots, coats, hats and Shirts are all 40% off, so it’s time for all the cowboys and cowgirls of Red Dead Redemption Online to customize their characters. Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia right now and it’s also part of the extensive Game Pass lineup.

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The latest update to Red Dead Online isn’t a sizable download but it offers great deals on customization and triple XP to help grind out those levels. A Land of Opportunities includes story-based co-op missions up to four players to engage in. The story focuses on Jessica LeClerk, a widow seeking revenge for the murder of her husband. In addition to the triple XP on offer this week, A Land of Opportunities offers a substantial completion bonus for finishing the missions for the first time.

A Land of Opportunities missions aren’t the only things offering triple XP in Red Dead Online this month, as Free Roam Events and missions will also reward triple XP. Fast Travel will also be 50% cheaper this week, making getting around the world of Red Dead Online a lot simpler for the week. A Land of Opportunities missions are heavily based on the Honor of a gamer and it will reward Honor as well. After completing the missions for one Level of Honor, players can then view the other set.

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Source: Comic Book Gaming