Original Shantae Game Will Be Re-released and Get Switch Port

Shantae and the Game Boy Color

WayForward’s charming flagship series Shantae has very humble beginnings. WayBackward in 2002, the original Shantae game was released on Game Boy Color and was distributed in a very limited way. The physical cartridges are very rare nowadays. Since then, the Shantae games have become a sweetheart series in the indie game scene, amassing quite the audience. A lot of newer fans have been asking for an easy way to access the older games, since pretty much all the ROMs of the original games don’t work. WayForward has heard these fans and now has an answer.


In a tweet yesterday, WayForward announced that the original Shantae game will be coming back in a couple of different ways. The original Game Boy Color cartridge will be reproduced by Limited Run Games for those who want the OG Shantae experience, and it will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch for those who want to play it on a modern console. Shantae will be available both digitally and physically for the Switch. Fans will be able to pre-order either versions on the Switch and the Game Boy Color cartridge in September.

Being the very first game in the series and limited by the technology of its time, Shantae is quite a difficult game and less forgiving than the more recent installments. Deaths result in returning to a save point instead of just continuing from the beginning of an area, so failure carries a much heavier consequence, but that shouldn’t be too tough for true Shantae fans, right? No release date has yet been given for the Shantae reprint.

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Source: Twitter