Red Dead Online Players Encounter Zombie-Like NPCs

Are These Red Dead Online Zombies Hinting at an Undead Nightmare Sequel?

Red Dead Online players have recently found these strange zombie-like NPCs who could either be hints for a new Undead Nightmare DLC or weird glitched NPCs. Check out the creepy image below!

Red Dead Online
Photo credit: Reddit user xXVoluntaryeyeXx

A similar looking female NPC was found in a swamp (likely in the Lemoyne area) and she appears to just be standing there. A Reddit user claims that they found this NPC after being lead to her by a barking dog. The dog then attacked while another NPC began to attack the player.

Another user reported a similar instance that occurred in the Thieves Landing area of New Austin. There was also a blue, zombie-like NPC that was found near Armadillo (which is struggling with a cholera epidemic).

These comments make it seem like these disturbing NPCs are the result of a glitched random event or something but it’s still bizarre that they’re being found by multiple players and have such weird eyes.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed that these NPCs are a glitch or part of an upcoming Halloween DLC but it’ll probably be a good idea to keep an eye on Red Dead Online on October 31st.