STALKER 2 Will Debut on the Xbox Series X

STALKER 2 Got a Cinematic Reveal Trailer

GSC Game World joined several other developers during the recent Xbox game showcase to unveil their Xbox Series X game, STALKER 2. The post apocalyptic world familiar to STALKER fans was displayed in full effect during the reveal trailer for STALKER 2, showing ashes falling from a grey sky, a condemned school and a rusted Ferris wheel with seats slowly blowing in the wind. The environments seem bigger than they were in STALKER and the zones will be a lot more open than the first title according to GSC Game World. STALKER 2 is releasing as an Xbox Series X console exclusive and will be available through Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The Zone is a dangerous place filled with mutated creatures, deadly radiation and an anomalous energy and the post-apocalyptic open-world is GSC Game World’s most immersive to date. STALKER 2 follows the original, with the protagonist being a bounty hunter known as a Stalker. These bounty hunters delve deep into The Zone driven by many treasures and mysteries to uncover by exploring the dangerous open-world. The monsters and factions that inhabit The Zone are constantly interacting with each other and STALKER 2 has an ever-changing post-apocalyptic world.

“Both monsters and factions that inhabit The Zone are constantly interacting with each other. The previous STALKER games introduced A-Life, a living world simulating system,” said GSC Game World. “The reimagined version of this system, which we call A-Life 2.0, will control the state of the world and the behavior of characters and mutants, making The Zone ever-changing and truly alive. Countless events and encounters will happen every moment, even if you are not around to witness them with your own eyes.”


“With STALKER 2, we want every player to have a unique playthrough. It will take much more than just A-Life 2.0 to do that, as you are the author of your story,” continued GSC Game World. “Putting aside the scale, the decisions you make will cause not only short-term outcomes, but influence the world itself. We are crafting an epic, branching story culminating in lots of different endings.”

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