Stalker 2 Will Use the Unreal Engine, Devs Reveal

Stalker 2’s Development Will Include the Unreal Engine

Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World revealed on Thursday that the upcoming Stalker sequel will use the Unreal engine because it was the best fit for the game’s development and it’s easy for players to make mods with.

Stalker 2

“GSC Game World team constantly searches for the best technologies to work with and UE was the most suitable choice for us,” the studio’s statement read. “It gives the opportunity to make the game you wait for with the atmosphere, tension and mystery, the flesh and blood of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe.”

“Additionally, Unreal Engine harmonizes well with our goal to make modding easier and more accessible,” the statement continued. “User modifications help the world of the Zone to live on while we’re busy making a sequel and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

Unfortunately, the statement didn’t provide any new info about when the game would be coming out. However, it did say that Stalker 2’s use of the Unreal engine “has nothing to do with” what platforms or digital stores the game will come out on.