The Medium Dual-Reality Trailer Shows off Gameplay

The Medium Gets Gameplay Footage in the Dual-Reality Trailer

Bloober Team joined several other developers on the recent Xbox game showcase to show off new footage of their next-gen title, The Medium. While The Medium was revealed during the last Xbox game showcase event, the Dual-Reality trailer included more story elements and segments of gameplay. The trailer showed off both environments that the protagonist, Marianne, can explore. The physical reality that Marianne explores is akin to the reality we exist in, but the spirit world she has to delve into is more like the world of Silent Hill or The Evil Within. The Medium for the Xbox Series X and PC this Holiday season and it’s coming to the extensive Game Pass lineup.

The Medium

During the Dual-Reality trailer for The Medium, both the physical world Marianne inhabits and the spirit realm she can delve into are detailed in many scenes. Marianne is a medium who can seamlessly pass between both realms to unlock their secrets. The spirit world includes grotesque visuals such as walls made of flesh and a hallway full of giant moths. The physical world of The Medium is very similar to the Earth we called home today, though many of the environments that Marianne explores are run down and abandoned. Both worlds will have to be explored to complete puzzles and discover hidden secrets.

There will be no loading screens between the physical reality and spirit world in The Medium, so gamers can seamlessly transport from one to the other utilizing the tech of the Xbox Series X. The game fully renders both visually distinct worlds, allowing players to explore either at their leisure. The gameplay sections of the recent trailer are limited in comparison to the story beats, but the gameplay shows off some puzzle solving and minor platforming.

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