The Medium Is Coming to the Xbox Series X

Bloober Team Brings The Medium to the Xbox Series X

Bloober Team joined many other developers on the recent Inside Xbox Series X games showcase to reveal their upcoming title, The Medium. This psychological horror game has players taking control of a medium who can interact with the spirit realm, as well as their living world. The Medium known as Marianne unveils secrets of both worlds by accessing both of them to see both sides of everything. The Medium has officially been announced for Xbox Series X and PC but it may end up on the PS5 as well, considering all of the titles on this Inside Xbox were from third-party developers.

The Medium

The original Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is on board but we were already getting Silent Hill vibes from the visuals. The music is expected to continue the Silent Hill vibes of disturbing, unpleasant, oppressive sounds according to Bloober Team.

“In our first psychological horror Layers of Fear, the main topic was what can you sacrifice for family?” said Bloober Team developer Jacek Zieba. “In the Observer, our main topic was am I still human if mind is digitalized, or if I have robotic parts, where is the line? You know, like in the body horror stuff. In the Blair Witch, of course there was a Witch, the forest that everyone loves but the main topic in the psychological horror stuff was PTSD.” Zieba does a great job of emphasizing all of the psychological horror aspects the Bloober Team has already delved into, with The Medium bringing more to the table.


“For The Medium, we have two worlds: the real world and the spirit world,” continued Jacek Zieba. “You play as a medium that can see both realities and you may think somebody is a really good guy but maybe on the inside, they aren’t. Playing as the Medium offers a unique perspective to find out what is inside other people and everything that happens in different places.”

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Source: wccftech