Bloober Team Officially Reveals Layers of Fear 2

Project Méliès Revealed to be Layers of Fear 2

Bloober Team has finally revealed what their Project Méliès is all about. Surprise! It’s actually Layers of Fear 2, a sequel to their 2016 hit psychological horror title.

While the original Layers of Fear focused on a crazed painter that gradually went insane inside of a spooky mansion, its sequel appears to be taking a slightly different approach. Based on today’s reveal trailer — and the previous Project Méliès teases — Layers of Fear 2 will tell a story about a fading star in the movie industry. It will also step away from haunted houses and take place on a desolate ship.

“Set on a desolate ship, Layers of Fear 2 will rely on the claustrophobic, ever-changing environments to keep players in the dark, never knowing what horror to expect around every corner and through every door,” explains Bloober Team, “The feeling of uneasiness and terror will be enhanced by influences from classic cinematography ranging from the experimental works of Georges Méliès to the twists and turns used by Alfred Hitchcock.”

Layers of Fear 2

Bloober Team is also known for Observer, a sci-fi horror game that was received very well in critics and fans. Hopefully, the team blends what worked in both of their games to make Layers of Fear 2 their best game yet.

There’s plenty of spooky imagery in the trailer to keep fans interested but outside of that, details are pretty slim at the moment. It does mention that the game will be narrated by Tony Todd, probably best known for his scary performance in 1992’s Candyman.

Layers of Fear 2 is set to scare everyone in 2019. Platforms have yet to be announced but we’re expecting the usual PC and consoles.

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