MediEvil PS4 Will Be a Remake Instead, Not a Remaster

New MediEvil Trailer Being Released on Halloween

There appears to be some confusion regarding the upcoming MediEvil on PS4. When it was first announced at PSX 2017, the announcement trailer made it sound like a 4K remastered version of the classic PS1 game, but new details have clarified this. MediEvil on PS4 is actually a full-blown remake.


As it was previously announced, Sony Worldwide Studios chairman, Shawn Layden, recently talking about the game on the PlayStation Blogcast where he reveals a few more juicy details about its development:

“I think there have been some words that might sound alike but mean different things – like remake and remaster. This is a remake. We’ve taken the original game design and we’ve taken a lot of the key art, some of the other attributes of the game design and ethos, if you will. And we’re working with a developer called Other Ocean Interactive, and they are remaking MediEvil in that design – the original MediEvil from PS1. The one that I worked on when I was in Tokyo.”

Layden also went on to say that despite Other Ocean Interactive being the lead developer on the project, they’re still working with the original team too.

“We’re working with some of the talent that [was] originally associated with the title 20 years ago”, he explained. “So we’re making sure that we’re keeping it real, we’re keeping it to the original intent of the creators.”

Layden also teased a new trailer for MediEvil that will arrive on October 31st which, of course, is Halloween.

How do you feel about this revelation? Were you looking forward to a remake or remaster? Leave us a comment below.