Layers of Fear: Legacy Brings Psychological Horror to the Nintendo Switch

No Confirmed Release Date but It’s Coming Soon

The spooky, first-person psychological horror game, Layers of Fear, is getting a “redesigned” port for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s being called Layers of Fear: Legacy, and according to the trailer will be redesigned and exclusively released on Nintendo’s latest console/portable machine. Exactly what “redesigned” means, in this case, is anyone’s guess but we’re taking a safe bet that it will include the ‘Inheritance’ DLC and maybe some HD rumble support for added spookiness.

Legacy of Fear is developed by Bloober Team (who recently launched Observer) and was released last year on PC and consoles to very high praise. It’s a psychedelic, first-person horror game that puts players in the shoes of a disturbed painter who is obsessed with perfection. Traipsing through his unsettling mansion will uncover the reason for his madness and the turmoil around his family life. The game is well known for the way it tricks and manipulates the player. Trust us when we say that it’s a must-play experience for horror fans and should be played with a good set of headphones.

There’s no concrete release date as of yet but the trailer does indicate that it is coming soon. Could this arrive just in time for Halloween? We think it’d make an excellent spooky treat.

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