Halo Infinite Gameplay Will Debut in July on the Xbox Series X

Not Much Longer Now

Today marks the first of many Xbox events and showcases that are going to take place over the next couple of months. While that was a lot that was unveiled today, many fans were left wanting more as there was no news about Halo Infinite. While this might have been a bit of a disappointment to some, you will only have to wait a few more months to get your Halo fix. A Halo Infinite gameplay demo is set to take place sometime in July.

Halo Infinite


Xbox marketing GM Aaron Greenberg has stated that July is going to be the month of Xbox exclusives. We can also expect to see even more news about the Xbox Series X as well. This is the console that Halo Infinite is going to launch with, so we will have a chance to see Master Chief in all the glory that the next generation of consoles can bring.

There has been very little news when it has come to the next installment in the Halo franchise. There have only been two instances of reveals and trailers on behalf of 343 Industries. Both of them were done at E3. It should go without saying that Halo fans everywhere are anxious to find out what is in store for them later this year.

There have been a ton of rumors about which direction Infinite is going to take the flagship series. Many people are convinced that Halo Infinite is going to drastically deviate from the traditional linear formula that has been used in previous titles. An open-world is the most likely alternative according to forums and comment sections. Whatever dynamic 343 chooses to go with, they are going to need to bring Halo back into the limelight. As impactful as Halo was in the 2000s, Halo 4 and Halo 5 have not had the same weight behind them. Hopefully, that can change this winter.

Halo Infinite is going to be available on the Xbox Series X in late 2020.