Layers of Fear Devs Talk Shop About Hidden Horror

‘Layers of Fear’ Devs, Bloober Team, On The Power of Hidden Horror

If you’ve played Layers of Fear, you know that Bloober Team has some experience in unconventional horror games. Sometimes there’s more to life than Chainsaws and jump scares, you know? Sometimes you want more subtle, hidden horror in your game. To that end, Bloober Team has a new title coming out, <observer_! You want to be scared in a more cerebral fashion? This is the horror game for you.

Observer hidden horror game

The game’s premise depicts a world where people’s nightmares can be hacked in order to use their worst fears against them. This creates an environment that blends Blade Runner and bloody horror to make for a singular experience. So everything will be awfully surreal from start to finish, with you questioning what’s real and what isn’t every step of the way. Fun!

If you’re looking for something less conventional to scare the pants off of you, perhaps <observer_ will fill that void in your life. If you’re looking for more details on this unusual brand of horror, Bloober Team has a video out that goes into Hidden Horror and how it differentiates itself from ordinary scary. Check it out below! We’ll be sure to bring you all the spooky details as they develop regarding this brainy and bloody vision of the future.

SOURCE: Press Release