343 Industries Shows off Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite’s Campaign Shows off 4K and 60FPS

During the recent Xbox game showcase, 343 Industries joined several other developers to show off their upcoming title, Halo Infinite. The new trailer began with Master Chief’s armor being rebuilt to battle the familiar Grunt enemies. The Banished has also been confirmed a villain after being teased last month in a cryptic tweet. The gameplay trailer showed off new and old weapons, brand new combat techniques and gave Xbox fans an idea on what to expect from next-gen graphics. Halo Infinite will be releasing this Holiday season for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with Smart Delivery available for players who buy it on current-gen and a day one release on Xbox Game Pass.

Halo has never looked as visually impressive as Halo Infinite does, delivering 4K visuals at 60FPS, showing the impish Grunts and powerful Brutes in all their glory. As Master Chief unloads a clip of ammunition into a Brute, the armor slowly breaks away in a more noticeable and impressive way than ever before. The classic UNSC assault rifle is the first gun to make an appearance in the new campaign trailer, but Master Chief picks up several guns as he fights his way from one group of baddies to another, showing off familiar guns and some new ones as well.

The new campaign trailer for Halo Infinite shows off the series’ iconic vehicle, the Warthog. Although the vehicle is only being driven by Master Chief and doesn’t have a gunner, it still evokes the memories of previous titles in the series. Halo Infinite is apparently the biggest Halo title to date and although the multiplayer still hasn’t been unveiled, the footage from the campaign will invoke nostalgia in any Halo fan.

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